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They say that you should write about what you know so creating the Guardian of the Stones stories was my attempt to bring together my love for Scotland and Ireland, my admiration for my ancestors, history and traditions, the power of friendship and good cake.

The Thirteen Stones was inspired by a visit to my local graveyard in Lanark. Yes I am that person who wanders around graveyards looking at gravestones! I’m fascinated by old names like Euphemia and old jobs, like Apothecaries. At the same time I was trying to come to terms with the unexpected deaths of my two younger brothers, and my Mum and Dad. It was a horrendous time and I really went inward. Like other people, those deaths started a bit of a spiritual quest to try to understand what it was all about. As a coach and therapist I had thought of writing some sort of self help book  about working with grief, but then the story came to me.

The Thirteen Stones was well received, so much so that I had to write more about Kirsty’s adventures. I was delighted that the second instalment, The Chamber Within was published in November 2018, and I am now writing the third and final adventure called The Stone of Destiny.

If you’d like to know when that comes out, send me an email at mail@ktfinegan.com. I hope you enjoy my books,


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